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DataVisor UML Essentials

The most advanced fraud detection solution for growing businesses

Unlock unsupervised machine learning for all businesses

Built upon best practices from our flagship product, DataVisor UML Enterprise, DataVisor UML Essentials streamlines our patented fraud detection approach while lowering the barrier to entry for UML.

Production-Grade UML

Enjoy the same benefits of unsupervised machine learning optimized for the mass registration use case with a standard set of supported data fields. 


Lightning-Fast Integration

Get started faster with advanced data validation to streamline raw data processing and provide event level insights.


Automated Parameter Tuning

Skip month-long deployment with automated parameter optimization to minimize false positive rates while maximizing coverage.

Discover hidden connections across millions of accounts

Profile Information

Demographic information associated with an account, usually provided at the account application or user registration time. It may include income range, gender, and address.

Behaviours and Activities 

What the account has done and when. For example, payment events which include a timestamp, payment amount and method.

Origins and Digital Fingerprints

Information describing the access methods of an account, including its device types and version, browser information, IP.

Get started in under a week

Step 1:

Ingest Data

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<1 Day

Customer sends data over and DataVisor automatically parses and checks data quality.

Step 2:

Generate Model

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<1 Day

Initial production-grade UML model generated based on a set of optimal features per use case.

Step 3:

Auto-Tune Model

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<3 Days

Automated tuning engine performs parameter optimization to lower false positive rate while maximizing coverage.

Step 4:

Review Results

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<1 Day

Detection report and UI delivers scores and reason codes for customer validation.

Ready to enhance your detection with unsupervised machine learning?